What is Club8?

Our Story is the Buzz, Not our PRODUCTS! It’s pretty simple, we started Club8 to get you healthier, not high, to make your life more rewarding, not less. At Club8, we’re more than Hemp enthusiasts, we’re Hempioneers—a movement of visionary PEOPLE who recognize the infinite possibilities this wonder plant has when it comes to creating a better life inside and out for everyone that uses it. Through our online buyer’s club, Club8 is giving people unheard-of access to the most innovative, purest proprietary blends of Adaptogenic Hemp Oil products ever created. This marketplace is more than a store, it’s a social commerce community of individual people with heart and PURPOSE.

The Products

Who knew Hemp would be so Hip? We did!

Get the purest, most innovative products at affordable prices delivered direct to your door.

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MC8 1000
ChewIT 2x2 Daily Gummy Pack