Here are your Qualifying Kits on sale through August!

Leader Board

  1. Holly Capron
  2. Barbara Romero
  3. Christy Jensen
  4. Terry Kilcrease
  5. Chris Sizemore
  6. dena neumann/ Royer
  7. Rosalyn Bourg
  8. Deb Steiner
  9. Phyllis Montano
  10. Stephen Munson
  11. Dana Shannon
  12. Mark Amrein
  13. Jackie Mitchell
  14. Lori Rohrer
  15. Joni Bennett
  16. Penné Beckett
  17. Laine Matherne
  18. Georgina Sikora
  19. Roger Daffinson
  20. Terri Dufrene
  21. Kristin Raven
  22. Josh Wilson
  23. Robert Sears
  24. Michelle Bodine
  25. Stephanie Williams
  26. Kira Mercado
  27. Deb Percival
  28. Sherry Straub
  29. Pamela Portlock
  30. Tracey Moore

Contest Rules

  • To qualify for the Contest you MUST Buy 1 of the 4 Contest Promotional Kits during the Contest Promotion Period.
  • Upon Purchase, you are AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED in the Contest. You do not need to do anything else, it’s that simple.
  • Contest STARTS Saturday August 12th and ENDS Thursday August 31st, 2017 at 11:59 pm (EST)
  • 4 Incredible Kits to Choose from
  • Chance to Win an APPLE IPAD or Store CASH Credit
  • 10 Winners in All!
  • Huge Discounts & Savings on YOUR Favorite Products
  • Fun Way to Grow and Support your Team

Questions? Here’s our contest FAQ!

Do I have to be a VIP Member to enter the Contest?

Yes! Only VIP Members can qualify to earn Rewards during this contest as it is based on Team Sales. Remember, it’s FREE to be a VIP Member so anyone who Enrolls as a VIP can participate once they Enroll and Purchase at least 1 of the 4 Contest Kits. This Contest offers the perfect opportunity to get NEW people excited about MyClub8 and Enroll NEW Members. Think of it as a Win-Win!

What should I know before starting the contest?

First, we have created this fun Contest Page with a Leader Board to provide you and all our Contest participants with exciting, real-time updates on who’s leading the way in the Contest. There will be no guessing on your part. Second, we suggest that you visit this Contest Page frequently as we will be posting all new developments, as well as Leader Board updates often.

What are the prizes for the contest?

1st Place Apple Ipad Pro
2nd Place $350 MC8 Store Credit
3rd Place $250 MC8 Store Credit
4th-10th Place $150 MC8 Store Credit

If I buy more products do my chances to win a Reward increase?

Great question! However, the answer is NO. Your Personal purchases will only count for your Sponsor. The whole focus of this Contest is to encourage sales in your organization, those team Members who you have personally Enrolled into MyClub8.

How and when do I know if I have won the contest?

We have a special Leader Board on the Contest Page that is updated frequently, allowing participants to keep track of who’s in the lead throughout the month. The Contest ends at 11:59 pm EST on Thursday August 31st, 2017. We will formally announce all the Contest winners with much hoopla and celebration on September 1st and will receive special recognition on the next scheduled Facebook Live with Charles and Kent.

How do I receive my Reward if I win?

MyClub8 will send out the Contest Rewards to the Top 10 Winners during the first week of September. Winners will be notified.