VAPEit™ Vape Oil 1g Cartridge

VAPEit™ Vape Oil 1g Cartridge


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With three delicious formulas, you can vape your way to improved energy, better rest, or simple relaxation. Vaping is a convenient and powerful way to boost your wellness efforts and CBDXtreme™ makes it delicious! Our VAPEit formulas combine phytocannabinoids and adaptogenic herbs in tasty blends.

VAPEit™ eLiquid Highlights:

  • Herbal extracts are made fresh for every batch
  • Formulated in the USA
  • Free of colors and dyes

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VAPEit™ Vape Oil, It’s Your Way to Wellness Support

VAPEit™ vape oil formulas support your wellness efforts and help you meet life’s demands. We created VAPEit™ to help you enjoy and sustain overall function and vitality in every circumstance. Our vape oils are phytocannabinoid and herbal adaptogenic e-juice blends formulated with our proprietary hemp concentrates.

With three delicious formulas, you can vape your way to improved energy, better rest, or simple relaxation.

  • Strawberry Kush – A relaxing, strong and sweet strawberry flavor blended to produce a calming body sensation.
  • Grape Ape – A sleepy and soothing formulated blend to help you achieve your needed rest.
  • Raspberry Cough – An energetic blend formulated to clear your head and uplift your energy.

The hemp concentrates in our VAPEit™ juice formulas deliver the range of phytocannabinoids present in the original hemp plant, as nature intended. Carefully selected herbal adaptogens make each blend greater than the sum of its parts. These herbal blends are made fresh for every batch, ensuring their distinct functions work in tune with the phytocannabinoids for homeostasis throughout the body.

Each formula is free of artificial colors and dyes and is formulated right here in the USA.

VAPEit is a phytocannabinoid and herbal adaptogenic e-liquid that has been formulated with wisdom and knowledge, each formula’s whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The herbal ingredients used are classified per their energetic quality and function and only the purest and most effective ingredients are used to make each 1g cartridge, a formula combining hemp concentrates and adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogens are unique from other substances in their ability to naturally balance the body and help maintain optimal homeostasis. VAPEit’s functional formulas are proprietary blends of adaptogens and hemp derived phytocannabinoids.

VAPEit™ Vape oil Directions

  • How to Use:  Simply install on your vape atomizer battery and enjoy.
  • Not for use by children 18 years and under.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating.

Nutrition Information

  • This product contains no PEG, Nicotine, BHA or artificial colors.
  • Each serving contains phytocannabinoids. These are all completely natural and beneficial phytocannabinoids found in hemp.
  • This product contains less than 0.3% THC, and is completely non-psychotropic, meaning it cannot create a “high”.